The LSA is proud to announce the forthcoming Inaugural Winter Symposium, to be held in Adelaide, South Australia, on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd July, 2018.
We are now soliciting paper proposals focusing on the symposium theme of:
Models, Theories and Approaches
While recognising concerns idiosyncratic to the sub-discipline, video game music scholarship maintains connections with film music studies and musicological practice, and embraces the composition, performance, interaction and commercial facets of the medium. The development, application and evaluation of analytical approaches to game music scholarship continues to manifest debate, and this discussion forms the theme of this symposium.
We will be pleased to accept proposals concerning these related themes,as well as the study of video game music more broadly:
  • Evolving game music styles and in-game integration
  • The nomenclature, typologies and characterisations of ludomusicology
  • Technological concerns of studying game music
  • The film music/game music research relationship
  • Methods for analysing music of VR games
  • Approaching psychological aspects of game music/player interaction
Proposals of c.250 words are to be submitted by COB Friday May 25th 2018, in either PDF or Microsoft Word format, to
Please download and circulate the Call for Papers notice, and direct any enquires to

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