Welcome to the official website of the Ludomusicology Society of Australia, an organisation dedicated to the study of video game music throughout Australia and the Australasian region. The LSA aims to contribute to the innovation of bodies such as the Ludomusicology Research Group (UK) and the Ludomusicology Study Group of the American Musicological Society (US).

These and other bodies have pioneered the conference base, networking, material publication, and increased awareness of ludomusicology. They are however predominantly based in the Northern Hemisphere, and despite the growing interest in game music scholarship in Australia, there exists a paucity of local dedicated research bodies.

The LSA was therefore created, and is currently the only Society dedicated solely to the sub-discipline of lusomusicology within Australia. It offers scholars in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asian countries a centralised body through which research, collaboration, conference activities and field developments can be shared. The LSA is however open to members of all countries and nationalities, and we warmly welcome international members. For a full description of the Society’s Objects and Purposes, please see Article II of the LSA’s constitution.

While only recently formed, there are already exciting future plans for the LSA. Website upgrades, user profiles, conference activities and inter-institution collaborations and digital publications are just some of the initiatives already in development.

Please then explore our website, and again, welcome to the LSA.

Barnabas Smith