In one of the most significant developments within the field of ludomusicology and media studies more generally, volume 1 of the Journal of Sound and Music in Games is now available.

An introduction by editor-in-chief Stephen Baysted prefaces a wide variety of critical avenues, focusing on the uncanny valley and 1-bit musicality, to a colloquy on history, memory, and canon, through to reviews of both the sub-discipline and recent publications. The list of contributors is like a ‘who’s who’ of ludomusicology’s most respected, published, and innovative proponents.

All articles in Volume 1, Issue 1 are available to download for free from the University of California Press website:

Journal of Sound and Music in Games Volume 1, Issue 1

We here at the LSA congratulate all of the authors, editors, and broader SSSMG community for bringing to life this milestone publication, which will doubtless be a premiere repository of the field’s developments, perspectives, and knowledge.

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