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Membership requirements:

Who can be a member of the LSA?

  • The Ludomusicology Society of Australia membership is open to all interested parties the world over.
  • While general meetings and AGMs will initially be held in Adelaide, Australia, every effort will be made to ensure non-present members will be able to contribute through internet video or teleconferencing facilities.

Current member benefits:

  • Centralised repository of organisation, conference and materials links
  • Official forum through which to communicate with colleagues throughout Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and further internationally
  • Notification of future general meeting and AGM dates, items for discussion and attendance details
  • Latest news and updates regarding both the LSA’s research and meeting activities, and those of other research bodies and events
  • An E-newsletter detailing the interim activities research within the LSA and other research bodies and relevant ludomusicology developments
  • Facilitation of members’ suggestions to be forwarded directly to the President via the Contact page
  • Immediate notice of relevant conferences, congresses, symposia and study sessions

Planned subscribing member benefits:

  • Official LSA certificate provided to all members
  • Increased access to exclusive research material generated within the Australasian Region
  • Discounts on future publications by the LSA and associated bodies
  • Database of all LSA members, available to members
  • Increased social media platform engagement and facilities
  • Access to a comprehensive, video game music composer database

Join the LSA HERE