North American Conference on Video Game Music (13-14 January)


Interactive Entertainment 2018 Conference (29 January – 2 February)


International Graduate Student Conference 2018 (9-11 February)


Game Developers Conference (19-23 March)


Ludo2018 (13-15 April)


Music and the Moving Image XIII (24-28 May)


CMASMC 2018: 20th International Conference on Music Acoustics, Sound and Music Computing (25-26 June)


RIdIM Conference Canterbury 2018, Music and image in cultural, social and political discourse (9-12 July)


Royal Musical Association Annual Conference (13-15 September)


American Musicological Society San Antonio 2018 (1-4 November)


North American Conference on Video Game Music (January 2017)


International Musicological Society 20th Quinquennial Congress in Tokyo (March 2017)


Ludo2017 (April 2017)

VIC – High Score: Composition and Sound Art for Gaming (May 2017)

Music and the Moving Image XII (May 2017)


International Conference on Music and Sounds (July 2017)

Australasian Computer Music Conference 2017 (September-October 2017)

Audio Mostly 2017 (August 2017)


Royal Musical Association Conference 2017 (September 2017)


EB Expo Gold Coast 2017 (October 2017)


PAX Australia (October 2017)


Australian Music Week Conference (November 2017)


American Musicological Society AMS Rochester 2017 (November 2017)


Future Sound of Pop Music, Bern University of the Arts (November-December 2017)


Musicological Society of Australia/New Zealand Musicological Society Joint 40th Conference (December 2017)


International Association for the Study of Popular Music – Australia/New Zealand 2017 IASPM-ANZ Conference: Mixing Pop and Politics (December 2017)