Hello LSA members, game music fans and friends!

Thank you to everyone who came out for our meet up in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago. The whole day was a stimulating experience, and our thanks go to Greg Morrow from APRAAMCOS for his warm welcome to the LSA, and providing the varied music, industry and technology-oriented themes at the APRAAMCOS High Score: Composition and Sound Art for Gaming event.

Speakers Meghann O’Neill, Jared Underwood and Maize Wallin each brought unique perspectives on game composition, and the indie dev scene in Melbourne and nationally. The Q&A with Neal Acree was particularly inspiring, and a valuable opportunity to gain insight into his process and industry knowledge.

Our LSA meet up at Bartronica (and yes, it really is as cool inside as it looks) was a great way to consolidate our Melbourne chapter and meet new people – shout out to Melbournians Sebastian and Matt. Thank you to all of the event speakers for coming out and joining the LSA crew, it seemed all enjoyed the conversation and sharing of a love for game music.

A final thank you to Neal for staying out into the wee hours with us. We thoroughly enjoyed talking games and game music scholarship, and eagerly look forward to the next time you’re down under!

Lots more happening here people – improvements to members’ benefits, newsletter releasing in the new financial year, and most importantly there’ll be news soon on our inaugural professional gathering.

Stay tuned, and tell your friends!

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